Board of Directors


2016-2017 Board of Directors



Back Left to Right: Braden Wong, Kaylee Schukei, Devin Pon, Calvin Leng, Brian Trat, Rebecca Caabay-Lainez, Rachel Bomactao, Jayden Li

Front Left to Right: Drew Brandt, Jennifer Calderon, Connie Cheung, Christina Duong, Nam Van Truong, Stephanie Yu








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Brian Trat

Brian is a third year Chemical Engineering major who will laugh at all of your memes and math jokes! He loves to break dance with his friends and teammates; he may even perform at some of our meetings if you persuade him enough! You can always stop Brian on the quad (or in the math building) and say hi if you want to make a new BFFL!





Vice President

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Stephanie Yu

Stephanie is a 3rd Year Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior major. Being very involved in Interact during all four years of high school, she came to UC Davis knowing she wanted to be in Rotaract. Her passion for service, meeting new people, and bringing about change to the local community led her to serve as a Director of Finance in 2015-16 and as your Vice President this year. Although Rotaract is pretty much her life, she enjoys singing/listening to music, biking to explore new places, and visiting national parks to appreciate the natural beauty of the world in her free time. If you see her around campus, don’t be shy to say hi! She loves meeting and getting to know new people. 🙂



Directors of Service

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Connie Cheung

Hi Fam! My name is Connie and I’m here to serve as your Director of Service this year. I started with Interact District 5150 in high school and was glad to find that Davis Rotaract 5160 is just as welcoming. I hope to be your link here in Davis. Come to me and my co-director, Christina, for anything service or non-service. We are always looking to grow together with our Fam, so come to us if you have a project in mind! My goal is to work together with each one of you to carry out our theme “Building Leaders, Building Communities.” As leaders, let’s come together and contribute to our community. Service above self, Connie Cheung.



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Christina Duong

Christina is a 2nd year Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior major and Spanish minor. She is super excited to serve as one of your directors of service. She had an amazing first year as a part of CRC Davis being able to interact with so many people and giving back to the community. She hopes to help others do the same and looks forward to meeting all the new faces.





Directors of Membership

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Braden Wong

Braden is a second year Animal Science major who is going to be a vet one day! He loves animals, food, and taiko! Definitely go see him and his team perform one day! If you want to be friends with Braden, all you have to do is take ugly pictures of him and send them to his snapchat.





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Devin Pon

Devin is a second year Engineering major! He LOVES boba and his dog, Bella! Devin is up for anything so he’s always down to have fun with friends! If you need someone to hang out with, hit Devin up for guaranteed laughs and FUN!





Directors of Finance

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Kaylee Schukei

Kaylee is a third year Genetics major interested in becoming a Physician’s Assistant in the near future! She loves long walks on the beach, music, and super smash bros (melee only please). Come and say hi to meet your brand new best friend!





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Calvin Leng

Calvin is a second year Applied Math major! If you need any help with your calculus homework, Calvin is a good friend to have! He likes to chill at home and out with his friends. Maybe one day you can chill with Calvin too.




Directors of Professional Development

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Rachel Bomactao

Rachel is a third year double major in International Relations and Communication. She joined Rotaract her freshman year after being a part of Interact in high school. In her free time, she enjoys going to concerts, learning how to longboard, playing board games, and exploring the outdoors. She loves learning about other cultures and visiting countries all over the world so she can experience them firsthand, and hopes to one day be a Foreign Service Officer. Rachel is excited to be a co-director of professional development and meet the new members of Rotaract.




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Rebecca Caabay-Lainez

Rebecca is a 3rd year double major in Biological Sciences and Classics. During high school I was involved in Interact for three years, and during those years I served as Vice-President and President consecutively. After moving to Davis I knew I had to fulfill my passion for community service and decided to continue my relations with Rotary by joining Rotaract. This year would mark my third year as a member of this amazing club which I have had the privilege of serving as Historian and now Director of Professional Development and Governor of Rotaract District 5160. This year I hope to meet all of our new members as we work together in building better relationships with ourselves and the community. As far as our motto ‘Service Above Self’ goes, I also take some time to enjoy other things such as exploring the great outdoors, swimming, finding a new DIY project on Pinterest, listening to good music and spending quality time with my friends…maybe one day that could be you!


Directors of Publicity

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Jayden Li

Jayden is a third year Animal Science major planning on pursuing a career in veterinary medicine. He loves animals, boba, and Rotaract! Definitely come say hi; he loves making new friends!






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Jennifer Calderon

Jennifer is a third year Animal Science major specializing in companion animals. She joined Rotaract her freshman year when she accompanied her roommates to the first general meeting. She loved the sense of community and discovered her passion for service through the club. She likes listening to music, going to concerts, playing video games, and reading manga. After she graduates from UC Davis, Jennifer hopes to attend veterinary school. She loves meeting new people so don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation if you see her around.




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Drew Brandt

Drew is a third year Cinema and Digital Media major. She joined Rotaract as a freshman after being in Key Club for four years in high school, and immediately fell in love with the positive, upbeat environment and the people who made it that way. Drew likes talking through movies, singing really loudly, and thinking about dogs. After she graduates, she hopes to move back to SoCal to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Please come talk to her and say hi, she loves making new friends!



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Nam Van Truong

Nam is a fifth year Economics and Communications major who loves making new friends! You can always stop by and see him at the computer lab fixing printers and what not if you want to say hi! Nam likes to go out with friends and have a good time! If you like making new buddies come and say hi to Nam whenever you see him!